Getting started

What is the Alipay+ Developer Center

The Alipay+ Developer Center is a platform for Alipay+ Partners to integrate Alipay+ payment products. It can power your business more easily and faster, and offer you direct access to a growing number of APIs, integration tools, and resources.

Currently, there are three blocks on the platform:

  • Home: This block mainly displays the account information and applications. Moreover, you can access necessary documents that are helpful for the development and integration.
  • Integration: This block contains all of the guides and resources that are necessary for the integration process, including application modification, sandbox testing, and acceptance testing.
  • Merchants: This block provides the ability for Alipay+ Acquiring Partners (ACQPs) and their Technical Service Providers (TSPs) to invite merchants for integration testing. Note that it is only visible for ACQPs or TSPs who have already launched an application.

Before you begin

Before logging in and using the platform, ensure that all preparations are ready. Check if you have:

  • signed the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with Alipay+
  • got an account for the Alipay+ Developer Center
  • read the Integration Guides on the Alipay+ Docs Center
  • made an integration plan with Alipay+ solution architect team

For more information, see Prepare for integration.

Integration modes

Currently, Alipay+ provides the following two integration modes for their Partners:

  • Self-integration mode: In this mode, Alipay+ Partners integrate Alipay+ payment products by themselves, for example, employees who are working for these companies.
  • TSP mode: In this mode, ACQPs integrate Alipay+ payment products by cooperating with TSPs.

The following table lists the advantages and disadvantages of the two integration modes.

Self-integration mode

TSP mode (only for ACQPs)


  • The time, cost, and quality of the integration are more controllable.
  • Internal technical resources are saved.
  • By cooperating with multiple TSPs in different countries and regions, diverse commercial needs are met.
  • Through cooperation, the ACQP can leverage the TSP's local resources to acquire more merchants.


  • Internal technical resources are required.
  • More coordination is needed to meet the requirements on time, cost, and quality of the integration.