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Support promotion tools

To increase transactions for the merchants or Acquirers, Alipay+ provides promotion tools which can be applied by the user during the payment. Mobile Payment Provider requires to support the usage of the promotion tools. Currently the supported promotion tool provided by Alipay+ is the instant discount, which means that the discount is triggered automatically when the order amount reaches a benchmark. For example, Alipay+ supports 10 JPY discount for 100 JPY and a user places an order with the amount of 110 JPY, then the user pays 100 JPY actually.

When the promotion tools are used in the payment, Alipay+ forwards the promotion information in the payment request to Mobile Payment Provider and specifies the amount that is saved for the user in the Mobile Payment Provider's currency. All promotion information is specified by paymentPromoInfo. See Payment -> Promotion for details. After the user completes the payment, Mobile Payment Provider must display the promotion information on the payment result page in one of the following ways:

  • Mobile Payment Provider itemizes the discounts in detail.
  • Mobile Payment Provider summarizes the discounts and displays the total amount that is saved for user.
  • Mobile Payment Provider itemizes the discounts in detail and displays the total amount that is saved for user at the same time.


When the refund for a payment with promotion is initiated, the promotion refund information must be specified in the refund request by refundPromoInfo. See Refund -> Promotion for details.

Mobile Payment Provider must set the risk control mechanism for the payment with promotion. The following figure illustrates the process:


Figure 6. Risk control process

Alipay+ uses the user ID obtained from Mobile Payment Provider to perform the risk evaluation. For the cashier payment, the user ID is returned by Mobile Payment Provider to Alipay+ in the response of Authorization Apply Token interface, specified by customerId. See Make a payment for details.

Risk control strategies:

  • Reject payments made by users who abused promotion tools, gambled, or had bad credit.
  • Reject payments occurring outside of the country where the merchant is located by using the Location Based Service.
  • Reject payments made with an application that is maliciously modified, or with a tampered device, such as emulator, root device, and the device after jailbreaking.
  • Reject payments made by the device that is associated with more than 3 accounts in recent 24 hours.


  • If Alipay+ detects any risk, Mobile Payment Provider helps to investigate and communicate the result with Alipay+.
  • Alipay+ and Mobile Payment Provider update the risk control strategies accordingly if the promotion has specific requirements.