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Alipay+ Center is a value-added module for Mobile Payment Providers (MPPs) to enhance users' cross-border payment experience. It consists of Alipay+ brand introduction, payment related services, and user incentives.

The following sections describe the user experience and main features of Alipay+ Center.

User experience

Users can enter Alipay+ Center through the following two entrances:

  • My Profile page of the MPP
  • Home page of Alipay+ Rewards mini-program

image.png image.png

Figure 1. My profile page Figure 2. Alipay+ Rewards mini-program

Main features of Alipay+ Center

Alipay+ Center reduces your operating cost and increases efficiency by providing various services:

Alipay+ Payment Guidance

On Alipay+ Payment Guidance page, users can find step-by-step guides on how to use Alipay+ payment products, such as online payment, in-store payment or auto-debit.


Figure 3. Alipay+ Payment Guidance page

Popular Q&As

On Popular Q&As page, users can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Alipay+ payments. Alipay+ provides customized popular questions for you by summarizing your user feedback. The questions are categorized and automatically replied to improve the efficiency.


Figure 4. Popular Q&As page

Alipay+ Bills

On Alipay+ Bills page, users can check all the Alipay+ transaction records paid with the MPP.

These records consist of paid and refunded transactions, and their corresponding details.


Figure 5. Alipay+ Bills page

Note: Users can only see the Alipay+ transaction records of the current MPP. For example, if a user has made Alipay+ payments with MPP 1 and MPP 2, the records of MPP 2 is not shown on the MPP 1.

Agreement Management

On Agreement Management page, users can easily enable or cancel an Alipay+ Auto-Debit service.


Figure 6. Agreement Management page

Alipay+ Center increases your users' engagement and loyalty in cross-border payment with user incentive campaigns:

User incentives

News users can get vouchers for Alipay+ partner merchants by watching tutorials for new users.


Figure 7. User incentives page

More information

For more information about the integration solutions, see How to integrate Alipay+ Center.