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Alipay+ Gateway overview

This topic introduces the Alipay+ Gateway business model and the Mobile Payment Providers (MPPs) that are available when Acquiring Service Providers (ACQPs) integrate with Alipay+ through Alipay+ Gateway.

Basic Concepts

Terms (Abbreviations)


Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP)

An Acquiring Partner participating in Alipay+ Core or other acquirer cooperating with a member of Ant Group to enable payments.

Mobile Payment Provider (MPP)

A Mobile Payment Partner participating in Alipay+ Core or other user- or issuer-facing payment service provider cooperating with a member of Ant Group to enable payments.

What is Alipay+ Gateway?

Alipay+ Gateway is an online payment business model through which you (the ACQP) can integrate the Cashier Payment product to enable the processing, reconciliation, and settlement of payments in accordance with your selection of MPPs in contracts.

In contrast with the Alipay+ Core business model, Alipay+ Gateway requires you to sign different payment agreements based on your selection of MPPs. The user experience and product capabilities supported by Cashier Payment also differ between Alipay+ Core MPPs and Alipay+ Gateway MPPs. To accommodate these differences, the integration details are also adjusted accordingly.

For more information about all these differences, see Integrate Cashier Payment tile mode.

Alipay+ Gateway MPPs

This section introduces the Alipay+ Gateway MPPs that you can choose for the Cashier Payment scenario.


QRIS, short for Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard, not only defines a national QR code standard to facilitate QR code payments in Indonesia, but also represents any mobile banking or e-wallet services developed by a QRIS participant to support scanning QRIS codes to make payments.


PayNow is a near-instant, real-time payment system developed by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS). It facilitates inter-bank peer-to-peer and person-to-merchant transactions and works by transferring funds between two bank accounts. The system is supported by all major Singaporean banks and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Bank Payment

Bank Payment is a bank transfer service developed based on Open Banking, a practice that involves banks opening up customer bank account access to third-party providers (TTPs) to collect data and initiate payments through open APIs. Given the high adoption of Open Banking in the UK and EU, Bank Payment provides two payment solutions: UK Bank Payment and EU Bank Payment.