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Download reports

You can download the Alipay+ reconciliation reports from the Alipay+ SFTP server or Alipay+ Partner Workspace. Regardless of where you get the reports, the generation time and the content of the reports are the same.

Important: The SFTP method supports downloading the reports that are generated within 7 days. If you need to download the reports that have been generated for more than 7 days, go to the Alipay+ Partner Workspace.

For more information about the Alipay+ reconciliation reports, see Overview - Reports.


Alipay+ uploads reports to a specific directory in the SFTP server for Acquiring Service Provider s (ACQPs) to download.

To log in to the Alipay+ SFTP server, you must ensure that your IP address is added to the SFTP allowlist. You can contact for the SFTP server access details before your integration enters the production environment verification stage.

All reports are encoded in UTF-8 and saved in the directory as below:

Report type

Directory in the SFTP server (default)


Clearing reports


The participantId field is the unique ID that Alipay+ assigns to the ACQP, identifying the receiver of the file.

The date field is the date when the report is generated.

Settlement report


Files older than seven days on the SFTP server might be removed. It is suggested to download the files within three days. If the file you need is deleted, contact for help.

Report generation

In the SFTP server, reports generation rules vary in the production environment and the sandbox environment.

Production environment

For the production environment, the following rules are applied:

  • All clearing reports are generated at 08:00 AM UTC+8 on T+1 day on a daily basis, including holidays.
  • The Settlement Report is generated at 08:00 AM UTC+8 on the agreed settlement date (T+2 by default). The Settlement Report is only generated on Common Business Days.

Sandbox environment

For the sandbox environment, Alipay+ provides test facilities to help you adjust its settlement/clearance systems.

  • Reports in the sandbox environment are generated every hour. The date of the directory is the T+1 day.
  • If there are transactions, empty reports in USD are generated.
  • Due to limited space, reports in the sandbox environment are only available for 7 days.

Alipay+ Partner Workspace

You can also download the reports from Alipay+ Partner Workspace. For more information, see Alipay+ Partner Workspace User Guide (ACQP) - Download Reports.