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With Merchant-presented Mode Payment, a user can scan the QR code presented by the merchant to complete the payment. The QR code is a dynamic order code that is issued by Alipay+.

User experience

A user can scan the QR code, which is an order code presented by the merchant, to complete the payment. In certain cases, the user might be prompted to complete authentication during the payment, such as entering the payment password.

The following figure illustrates Merchant-presented Mode Payment user experience where the code is an order code:

order code.png

Figure 1. Merchant-presented Mode Payment Order Code user experience

The Merchant-presented Mode Payment Order Code workflow contains the following steps:

  1. User chooses goods, then the merchant shows an order code.
  2. User scans the order code.
  3. User confirms to pay.
  4. The payment result is displayed on the result page. Meanwhile, Alipay+ notifies the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP) of the payment result.

How it works

The following figure illustrates the order code workflow:

how it works-order code.png

Figure 2. Merchant-presented Mode Payment Order Code workflow

The order code workflow contains the following steps:

  1. Merchant sends a request to the ACQP to obtain an order code and presents it on the terminal for User to scan.
  2. User scans the order code and completes the payment.
  3. Alipay+ processes the payment and notifies the result to the ACQP.
  4. The ACQP notifies merchant about the payment result.

Note:Unless otherwise required (such as regulation), the ACQP doesn't need to know the specific Mobile Payment Provider. The ACQP can inform Merchants that no change is needed for new Mobile Payment Provider.

Standard output checklist

In Merchant-presented Mode Payment Order Code, outputs such as QR code, receipt, and payment button exist. Design the outputs by following the specifications described below.

QR code standard

The order code follows the QR code design guidelines that are stated in Alipay+ Code Scanning Payment Standards.

Payment receipt

The payment receipt must contain the following information:

  • Alipay+ brand information.
  • Transaction amount.

Unified payment button

You need to place a payment button in the following places:

  • The ACQP's cashier page
  • The ACQP backend system
  • Terminals

To avoid the operation complexity caused by different payment buttons provided by different wallets, you must unify the style and display the Alipay+ logo by following the Alipay+ brand guideline.