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Accept payment

The Acquiring Partner (ACQP) collects the information of purchase order and user payment code submitted by Merchant, and then constructs the payment request to Alipay+. After Alipay+ returns the payment result, the ACQP notifies Merchant about the result.

To integrate the User-presented Mode Payment, the ACQP needs to complete the following steps.

Merchant registration

In certain countries or regions, for legal or compliance reasons, the merchant information that is related to this payment must be registered before a payment can be processed. The merchant registration process only needs to be performed once. For more information, see Registration.

Identify Alipay+ payment code

The ACQP needs to identify whether the payment code submitted by merchant is an Alipay+ payment code.

In addition, the ACQP needs to ensure that the Alipay+ payment code can be recognized by the merchant scanners by following the code rules below:

  • The payment codes are in the length of 16 ~ 24 digits and start with 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, or 30.
  • Preserve the ability of code length expansion. It's recommended that your terminal can support the length of 32 digits for further use.

Create a payment

To initiate a payment, the ACQP needs to call the pay interface.

Processing logic

When calling the pay interface, pay attention to the following items:

  • Specify paymentMethod.paymentMethodId by using the value of the payment code that is collected by the merchant from the customer's e-wallet.
  • Specify paymentMethod.paymentMethodType as CONNECT_WALLET in the pay interface.
  • Represent transaction amount in the smallest unit of a currency. For example, when currency code is HKD, $5.99 is represented as 599. When currency code is JPY, ¥599 is represented as 599. See ISO 4217 Currency Code for details.
  • Assign a unique paymentRequestId for the payment request to avoid any failures casued by duplicate number.
  • In certain cases, if the payment is not completed but needs to be closed from the merchant side, use the cancelPayment API to close it.
  • The default timeout in the Alipay+ system is 1 minute, which means the transaction will be closed in the Alipay+ sysytem if payment is not completed.
  • You might receive different results from Alipay+, follow instructions below to handle the result:



Payment status




Payment succeeds

Update the status from merchant side.



Payment fails

Take actions according to the error message in result.resultCode.



Payment in processing

Call the inquiryPayment interface to inquire the payment result. The inquiry request can be sent 10 to 20 times within 60 seconds.

No result received


Retry the same request until getting the response. Please make sure that the paymentRequestId parameter must be the same as the previous one.


The ACQP sends a request to Alipay+.

	"paymentExpiryTime": "2019-06-01T12:01:01+08:30",
	"paymentNotifyUrl": "",
	"paymentRequestId": "pay_1089760038715669_102775745075669",
	"paymentFactor": {
		"isInStorePayment": "true",
    "inStorePaymentScenario": "PaymentCode"
	"order": {
		"referenceOrderId": "102775745075669",
		"orderDescription": "Mi Band 3 Wrist Strap Metal Screwless Stainless Steel For Xiaomi Mi Band 3 ",
		"orderAmount": {
			"currency": "JPY",
			"value": "100"
		"merchant": {
			"referenceMerchantId": "M00000000001",
			"merchantName": "cup Hu",
			"merchantMCC": "1405",
			"store": {
				"referenceStoreId": "S0000000001",
				"storeName": "UGG-2",
				"storeMcc": "1405"
      "merchantAddress": {
        "region": "JP",
        "city": "xxx"
      "storeTerminalRequestTime": "2019-06-01T12:01:01+08:00"
	"settlementStrategy": {
		"settlementCurrency": "USD"
	"paymentAmount": {
		"currency": "JPY",
		"value": "100"
	"paymentMethod": {
		"paymentMethodType": "CONNECT_WALLET",
    "paymentMethodId": "28100602000000000012"

Alipay+ returns a response to the ACQP.

  • Response of a successful payment:
	"acquirerId": "2021228100000000",
  "pspId": "120120012012",
	"result": {
		"resultCode": "SUCCESS",
		"resultStatus": "S",
		"resultMessage": "success"
	"paymentId": "20190608114010800100188820200355883",
	"paymentAmount": {
		"value": "100",
		"currency": "JPY"
   "paymentTime": "2021-04-08T14:48:50+08:00",
  "customerId": "208812211212001",
  • For a failed payment, result.resultStatus is F, and a sample response is as below:
   "result": {
       "resultCode": "PROCESS_FAIL",
       "resultMessage": "A general business failure occurred. Don't retry.",
       "resultStatus": "F"
  • For an unknown payment status, result.resultStatus is U, and a sample response is as below:
   "result": {
       "resultCode": "UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION",
       "resultMessage": "API failed due to unknown reason.",
       "resultStatus": "U"

More information

For more information about how to use the interface (such as the field description), see pay.

Handle payment result notifications

For how to receive and handle Alipay+ payment result notification, and the sample codes, see Receive payment notification.