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User-presented Mode Payment, which is also known as consumer-presented mode payment, provides consumers with an excellent payment experience. The consumer presents the payment code in the Mobile Payment Provider app to the merchant and the merchant scans the payment code to initiate a payment.

With User-presented Mode Payment, the payment speed and efficiency are greatly improved because the merchant can lower the error rate in the payment process by specifying the payment amount and the merchant can get a clear payment result for each transaction. In addition, even in poor network condition, the payment can still be completed successfully.

User experience

A user can present the payment code on the Mobile Payment Provider app to the merchant for scanning. The user experience is illustrated as below:


Figure 1. User experience of User-presented Mode Payment

The user completes the payment by the following steps:

  1. User opens the Mobile Payment Provider app, and presents the Alipay+ payment code to merchant.
  2. Merchant scans the payment code presented by the user.
  3. Mobile Payment Provider presents the payment result page.

The payment code complies with the standards and specifications as defined in Alipay+ Code Scanning Payment Standards.

How it works

The following figure illustrates the User-presented Mode Payment workflow:

how it works-b-scan-c.png

Figure 2. Alipay+ User-presented Mode Payment workflow

After merchant places an order, complete the payment by performing the following steps:

  1. User presents the payment code to the merchant.
  2. Merchant scans the payment code to send an order request to the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP).
  3. The ACQP sends a payment request to Alipay+. User completes the payment.
  4. After that, Alipay+ returns the payment result to ACQP. Meanwhile, user can also view the payment result in the wallet app.
  5. The ACQP sends the payment result to Merchant.

Note:Unless otherwise required (such as regulation), the ACQP doesn't need to know the specific Mobile Payment Provider. The ACQP can inform Merchants that no change is needed for new Mobile Payment Provider.

Standard output checklist

In User-presented Mode Payment, outputs such as payment code, receipt, and payment button might exist. Design the outputs by following specifications described below.

Payment code standard

The payment codes are in the length of 16 ~ 24 digits and starts with 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, or 30. Besides that, preserve the ability of code length expansion. It's recommended that your terminal can support the length of 32 digits for further use. For more information about the payment code standards, see Alipay+ Code Scanning Payment Standards.

Payment receipt

The payment receipt must contain the following information:

  • Alipay+ brand information.
  • Transaction amount.

Unified payment button

If you need to place a payment button in the following places, to avoid the operation complexity caused by different payment buttons provided by different wallets, you must unify the style and display the Alipay+ logo by following the Alipay+ brand guideline.

  • The ACQP's cashier page
  • The ACQP backend system
  • Terminals