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Return the payment result

After processing the payment, the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP) can return the payment result to Alipay+ in the following three ways:

  • Return the payment result in the synchronous response of the pushPayment API.
    Generally, the payment result returned by the
    pushPayment API is S, which means the payment is successful. However, U may be returned, which means the payment is in processing. In some cases, such as when order validation fails, F is returned.
  • Respond to the inquiryPushPayment request that inquires about the payment result.
  • Send the final payment result (success or failure) in the asynchronous payment notification to Alipay+ through the notifyPushPayment API.

If the payment reaches a final status (success or failure), make sure to keep the returned payment results consistent in the three ways.

Integration requirements

You are required to integrate the inquirePushPayment API. For how to respond to payment result inquiries through the inquiryPushPayment API, see Respond to inquiries.

You can optionally integrate the notifyPushPayment API. The notifyPushPayment API can work as a complement to ensure that Alipay+ gets the final payment result. For how to notify the payment result through the notifyPushPayment API, see Notify the payment result.