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This topic lists the frequently asked questions about the SDK.

Where does the Alipay+ server SDK save the route configurations locally?

The route configurations are saved in the local file system. The path for saving configurations is configured through the property.

What is the size of the route configuration data to be stored?

The configuration data size changes. The configuration data contain all matching rules and the size can be as large as dozens of KBs.

How often are the route configurations updated?

The route configurations are updated for one time when initializing the Alipay+ server SDK and are scheduled to be updated periodically. To set the interval of the route configurations update, configure the ac.route.pull-route-config-fixed-delay and ac.route.pull-route-config-exception-retry-delay properties.

How often are route configurations in storage read?

The route configurations in storage might be read when initializing the Alipay+ server SDK conditionally. When identifying the code, the route configurations are not read.

How does the MPP process the code if the code is not an Alipay+ code?

It's recommended to open the code by appending AlipayConnect in the User-Agent header.