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Upgrade from Auto Debit tile mode

This topic is designed to help you upgrade Auto Debit tile mode to the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition. It introduces the new experiences and features that are offered by this edition and lists the upgrade method that is recommended by Alipay+ for you to complete the upgrade.


Compared with the tile mode, the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition enhances the user experience and offers more features.

User experience

The Alipay+ Unified Payment edition makes auto debit authorization on merchant platforms easier with a unified authorization procedure. On the merchant's cashier page or add payment method page, the consumer can just select Alipay+ as the payment method, and then goes to the Alipay+ wallet page where they can select a preferred wallet for account binding.

For more information, see Product introduction.

The following table compares the user experiences that are provided by the tile mode and Alipay+ Unified Payment edition:

Integration step

Use experience

Tile mode

Alipay+ Unified Payment

Obtain the user authorization

Alipay+ brand display during authorization

Displayed by the selected wallet

Displayed by Alipay+

Alipay+ promotion info display

Not supported


Alipay+ wallets info

Rendered by the merchant/ACQP

Rendered on the Alipay+ wallet page

User journey during account binding

  1. Merchant's cashier page or add payment method page
  2. Wallet's authorization page
  1. Merchant's cashier page or add payment method page
  2. Alipay+ wallet page
  3. Wallet's authorization page

Information about the wallet for account binding

Specified before account binding is initiated

Obtained after account binding is completed

Authorization result

Displayed by the selected wallet

Displayed by the selected wallet

Accept a payment

Alipay+ brand display during payment

Displayed by the selected wallet

Displayed by the selected wallet

User action during auto debit

Click to confirm payment

Click to confirm payment

New features

The Alipay+ Unified Payment edition has the following new features:

  • Provide Alipay+ payment promotion information.
  • Provide a unified Alipay++ wallet page to display information about the various wallets supported by Alipay+. The Alipay+ wallet page can be rendered based on a normal URL for all terminal types.

Upgrade guide

To upgrade to the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition, you need to upgrade the capabilities of obtaining the user authorization and accepting payments by using related Alipay APIs or SDKs.

The following section describes the actions that your server side and client side need to take:

Integration step

Server side

Client side

Obtain the user authorization

  • Upgrade the prepare API to obtain the Alipay+ wallet page URL.
  • Upgrade the applyToken API to request the access token.
  • Upgrade the authNotify API to receive the access token.

For more information about the detailed changes of the APIs, check the following excel file: 📎API_diff_tile_VS_ unified (Auto Debit).xlsx.

  • Consult the Alipay+ payment method information with one of the following three ways:
  • Use the URL (specified on the normalUrl parameter) returned in the prepare API response to open the Alipay+ wallet page. For more information, see Open the Alipay+ wallet page.
    • Note: After the upgrade, instead of using the schemeUrl, normalUrl, or applinkUrl parameter, you must use the normalUrl parameter to open the Alipay+ wallet page.

Accept a payment

  • Upgrade the pay API to initiate payments to Alipay+.

Note: You can also call the Alipay+ CDN server to request JSON data from your server side. For more information, see Request JSON data from the Alipay+ CDN server.

For more information about how to obtain the user authorization and accept payments with the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition, see Obtain the user authorization and Accept a payment.