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Inquire declaration requests

By calling the inquireDeclarationRequests API, the Acquiring Service Partner (ACQP) can inquire about the status of declared payments.

Processing logic

The following request parameters need to be correctly specified:

  • customsDeclarationRequestId: indicates the unique ID that is assigned by the merchant to identify a customs declaration request. This parameter is not provided for customs.

For more information about how to use the inquireDeclarationRequests API, see inquireDeclarationRequests.


The following samples show the request and response when the ACQP calls the Alipay+ inquireDeclarationRequests API.

Request from the ACQP to Alipay+

  "declarationRequestIds": [

Response from Alipay+ to the ACQP

  "result": {
    "resultCode": "SUCCESS",
    "resultMsg": "Success",
    "resultStatus": "S"
  "declarationRequestsNotFound": [
  "declarationRecords": [
      "customsDeclarationRequestId": "2021081900000000000000001",
      "pspDeclarationRequestId": "2013112611001004680073950000",
      "pspPaymentId": "202108120000000231200000",
      "customs": {
        "customsCode": "HANGZHOU",
        "region": "CN"
      "merchantCustomsInfo": {
        "merchantCustomsCode": "test_merchant_customs_code",
        "merchantCustomsName": "test_merchant_customs_name"
      "declarationAmount": {
        "currency": "CNY",
        "value": "100"
      "isSplit": "true",
      "referenceOrderId": "P202108120000000231280000",
      "declarationRequestStatus": "WAITING_FOR_PROCESSING",
      "modifiedTime": "2021-01-01T12:08:55Z",
      "customsResultCode": "2",
      "customsResultDescription": "success_201508201108237064750527108110000",
      "customsResultReturnedTime": "2021-01-01T12:08:55Z"