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Respond to payment inquiry

Alipay+ calls the inquiryPayment API to inquire about the payment result of the Mobile Payment Partner (MPP) when Alipay+ does not receive the final payment result (success or failure) from the pay API.

Processing logic

When responding to the inquiryPayment request from Alipay+, you need to pay attention to the rules below.

  • You need to return two kinds of results. The parameter result is the result of the API call and the parameter paymentResult is the result of the payment.
  • If the payment order does not exist, return a result.resultStatus of F and result.resultCode of ORDER_NOT_EXIST.
  • If the payment order exists, return a result.resultStatus of S , a result.resultCode of SUCCESS, and a paymentResult according to your payment processing result.
    • If the payment succeeds, return a paymentResult.resultStatus of S , a paymentResult.resultCode of SUCCESS.
    • If the payment is being processed, return a paymentResult.resultStatus of U , a paymentResult.resultCode of PAYMENT_IN_PROCESS.
    • If the payment fails, return a paymentResult.resultStatus of F and an error code that is corresponding to a specific reason.
      • Required: If the user's balance is not enough, return a paymentResult.resultCode of USER_BALANCE_NOT_ENOUGH.
      • Recommended: If the payment is declined for risk reasons, return a paymentResult.resultCode of RISK_REJECT.
      • Recommended: If the user does not exist, or the user's status is abnormal, return a paymentResult.resultCode of USER_NOT_EXIST or USER_STATUS_ABNORMAL.
      • Recommended: If the user's payment methods that are linked to the MPP are unavailable, return a paymentResult.resultCode of UNAVAILABLE_PAYMENT_METHOD.
      • Recommended: If the user verification fails, return a paymentResult.resultCode of USER_PAYMENT_VERIFICATION_FAILED.
      • Recommended: If the user's KYC fails, return a paymentResult.resultCode of USER_KYC_NOT_QUALIFIED.
      • Recommended: If the merchant verification fails, return a paymentResult.resultCode of MERCHANT_NOT_REGISTERED.
    • If the payment is cancelled, return a paymentResult.resultStatus of F and a paymentResult.resultCode of ORDER_IS_CLOSED.
  • When no response from the MPP is received, Alipay+ retries the inquiry request at incremental time intervals until receiving the final payment result status of S or F , or until the payment expires. Currently, the intervals are 4s, 4s, 30s, 60s, 60s, 60s, 5min, and 5min. The intervals are subject to change in the future by Alipay+.


The following sample shows the request and response of the inquiryPayment API.

Request from Alipay+ to the MPP

Alipay+ sends the payment inquiry request.

  "acquirerId": "1022188000000000001",
  "pspId": "1022172000000000001",
  "paymentRequestId": "20200101234567890132"

Response from the MPP to Alipay+

The MPP returns a response that indicates a successful payment result.

 "result": {
 "paymentResult": {
 "paymentTime": "2020-01-01T12:01:01+08:30",

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