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Migration from AlipayCN or AMS

This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about migration from AlipayCN or AMS:

Note: AMS refers to Alipay Merchant Service, a set of APIs offered by Global Site for ACQPs to enable Alipay+ payments.

What are the migration steps and considerations?

  1. Migration assessment
    1. Payment scenarios that need to be migrated: User-presented Mode Payment, Merchant-presented Mode Payment, Cashier Payment, and Auto Debit
    2. Apply for and configure FX corridor.
    3. Withhold funds to settle refund requests for historical transactions.
    4. Support processing multiple sets of clearing files. Alipay+ and AlipayCN provide two separate sets of clearing files.
  1. Migration preparation
    1. Provide a new email address to obtain a PID (partner_id) from AlipayCN and sign migration-related contracts. Alipay+ supports a tiered fee structure.
    2. Authorize Alipay+ to be your ISV for AlipayCN implementation. You can click the link in the email to complete the authorization.
  1. Follow-up observation after traffic switching
    1. Provide rollback capability and support canary testing.

Is there a migration guide?

Yes. For more information about migration from AMS to Alipay+, see Migration Guide for AMS to Alipay+.

For more information about migration from AlipayCN to Alipay+, see Migration Guide for AlipayCN to Alipay+.

When is the settlement cycle?

For AlipayCN, settlement is usually performed on a T+1 day basis. For other MPPs supported by Alipay+, settlement is performed on a T+2 day basis. Due to the different settlement cycles, Alipay+ provides two sets of settlement files. Therefore, you shall be able to process different sets of settlement files.

How do I register existing merchants with Alipay+?

Alipay+ can help you register existing merchants in one batch. However, due to compliance reasons, this operation supports only ENTERPRISE merchants.

As for existing INDIVIDUAL merchants and all new merchants, you need to call the registration API to complete the registration.

How does the migration affect merchants?

The effects differ depending on the payment scenario.

  1. User-presented Mode Payment and Merchant-presented Mode Payment
    1. If the Alipay logo is displayed as an icon in the entry of the terminal device used by the merchant, the logo needs to be placed by the Alipay+ logo. Besides, AlipayCN and other MPPs supported by Alipay+ need to be accessed through the same entry.
    2. In the User-presented Mode Payment scenario, the terminal device used by the merchant opens the code-scanning page to scan the payment code provided by the user. In this case, the merchant is unaware of the MPP and your server side needs to determine the MPP based on the format of the payment code. Note that you must ensure that the Alipay+ payment code is not intercepted on your client side.
  1. Cashier Payment and Auto Debit
    1. The merchant's checkout page needs to display the Alipay+ payment method. If this page is rendered by you, you need to update and maintain the checkout page.
    2. The merchant may have previously used the mobile SDK provided by Alipay to complete payments at apps. If you have already integrated with Alipay+ mobile SDK solution, the SDK needs to be updated on the merchant side. Otherwise, you can obtain a redirect URL to invoke the MPP by passing the terminalType=APP parameter and pass the URL to the merchant.

How do I migrate mini-programs in AlipayCN?

The mini program feature on Alipay+ is still in progress and will be available in the near future.

Are settlements from Alipay+ and AMS combined or separately processed?

They are separately processed so you will receive two distinct settlements.

After migration, if a past charge is refunded on AMS with no new offsetting transactions, there will be a negative settlement on that day. How will this be handled?

After migration, if there is a negative settlement on AMS, you can top up funds to AMS so that the settlement can be processed as normal.

Can a refund to a customer be processed successfully if a merchant's account has insufficient funds?

For AMS merchants, a refund cannot be processed if the account balance is insufficient to cover the refund amount. However, for Alipay+ merchants, a refund can be processed successfully regardless of the merchant's account balance. This is possible with the payment netting feature. This feature is available after the ACQP migrates its merchants from AMS to Alipay+.