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Before you begin

Before you learn more about how to integrate with Alipay+Auto Debit, ensure that you are familiar with the following things:

  • The user experience that Alipay+ Auto Debit that can provide to the consumers. For more information, see User experience.
  • General steps that you need to take to go through the whole integration process. For more information, see Get started with Alipay+ integration.

Main workflow

The following figure illustrates the main workflow of Auto Debit, which focuses on how to bind a user account, complete a payment, and unbind the user account.


The main flow can be separated into several individual flows:

  • Account Binding: To authorize the merchant to deduct funds from a user's account, the user must firstly bind his/her wallet account with the merchant, which is implemented by applying an access token.
  • Payment: Once the user account has been bound, the merchant can initiate a payment request with the access token to deduct funds from the user's account when it is required.
  • Token refreshing: To ensure that the access token regarding the authorization is valid and secure, the merchant and the Acquiring Service Provider can refresh the access token.
  • Account unbinding: The user can unbind his/her wallet account from the merchant side or wallet side. Different interfaces need to be integrated for different unbinding sources.

More information

  • For more information about the actions that need to be taken to complete authorization and payment, see Accept payments.
  • For more information about the actions that can be taken after a payment, see Post Payment.