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Handle exceptional cases

You might encounter problems when performing reconciliation. This section presents typical exceptional cases that might be encountered and the corresponding resolutions.


Discrepancies might exist between different reports when performing reconciliation.

Possible reasons:

  • Errors occur when performing the reconciliation. For example, differences exist in Alipay+'s data and the ACQP's data.
  • Problems occur when Alipay+ generates reports.


When discrepancies exist, the files provided by Alipay+ prevail.

ACQPs can review the reasons to figure out the problem. If adjustments are required, contact to review the related reports, and then take actions accordingly based on the review results.

Failure of retrieving reports

You might be unable to view or retrieve the reports as usual.

Possible reasons:

  • The report is not generated on holidays.
  • The target report is damaged.
  • Problems occur when Alipay+ generates reports.


Contact for help.