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Alipay+ provides a set of financial reports to help Acquiring Service Providers (ACQPs) streamline their business workflows. ACQPs can download and use these reports to perform clearing and settlement.

Note: For the ACQPs integrated with AlipayCN, there is another set of report files dedicated for transactions with AlipayCN only. The file structure/directory/filename rules are the same (only the partner agreement ID is different in the filename). The settlement cycle/settlement calendar/minimum settlement amount are different, following AlipayCN settlement generation rules.


Reconciliation consists of clearing and settlement.


Clearing is the preparation stage for settlement. Alipay+ performs clearing with ACQPs at an agreed cycle. Alipay+ generates the clearing results based on successful payments, and successful refunds within the cycle. After receiving the clearing result, ACQPs need to perform funds reconciliation.

Process flow

The following figure shows the clearing process:

clearing 1.PNG

Figure 1. Clearing process

Clearing reports consist of 3 kinds of reports, which are Transaction Detail Report, Fee Report, and Transaction Summary Report. When no transaction exists in the clearing cycle, a clearing file with no data enclosed is generated.

Processing logic

You must download and use the Transaction Detail Reports and the Fee Report to perform detailed reconciliation on each natural day.

For transaction reconciliation, check the Transaction Detail Report and the Transaction Summary Report.

For fee reconciliation, check the Fee Report.

If discrepancies exist, contact to take action accordingly.


Fund transfers are done in the settlement stage. On each settlement day, Alipay+ calculates the net amount to be transferred by netting and summarizing all clearing batches and generates the settlement reports.

Process flow

The following figure shows the settlement process:


Figure 2. Settlement process

Alipay+ performs settlements with ACQPs at an agreed cycle. Alipay+ completes settlements based on the amounts stated in the settlement reports. In addition, Alipay+ transfers funds to the bank account of ACQPs within the agreed cycle. When discrepancies exist, Alipay+ first completes the settlement process before initiating the discrepancy resolution process.

When no transaction exists in the settlement cycle, a settlement file with a total amount of 0 is generated. If the settlement report cannot be downloaded successfully, contact for help.

Processing logic

The following figure illustrates the reconciliation flow:

settlement 1.png

Figure 3. Reconciliation flow

If you have any questions during the reconciliation process, contact for help.

Multi-batch settlement requirement

Payments into your bank account, in some instances, can be settled in multiple or split batches. The multi-batch settlement can be applied under the following conditions:

  • Cross-border payment
  • Agency payment / Payroll credit
  • Settled in multiple batches to meet regulation requirements


This section provides information about how to get reports and details about each type of report.

Report types

Report files consist of the clearing reports and the settlement report.

  • Clearing reports: For all the transactions that occurred before the cutoff time (24:00 UTC+8) of T day, Alipay+ generates 3 clearing reports on T+1 day.
    ACQPs can use these reports to perform reconciliation. In addition, from the cutoff time to 00:15 UTC+8 of T+1 day, the cancellations for the payments occurring before the cutoff time of T day are supported.
  • Settlement report: On the settlement day agreed between Alipay+ and the Partner, Alipay+ generates the settlement report. Alipay+ transfers funds to ACQPs based on the settlement report.


If the ACQP integrates Alipay_CN via Alipay+, the reports for Alipay_CN and other digital wallets are generated separately. Alipay+ also sends the settlement funds to the ACQP separately.

The following table contains the name, description, and schedule of each report:





Clearing report

Transaction Detail Report

The transaction details of T day (the transaction day). Used to validate funds received and refunded.

08:00 am UTC+8 on T+1 day on a daily basis

Fee Report

The fee details of T day. Used to validate transaction fees.

08:00 am UTC+8 on T+1 day on a daily basis

Transaction Summary Report

The summary of all transactions on T day. One report is generated in each clearing cycle.

Used to identify discrepancies between the Transaction Detail Report and this report.

08:00 am UTC+8 on T+1 day on a daily basis

Settlement report

Settlement report

The settlement information of all clearing cycles within the agreed settlement period.

08:00 am UTC+8 on the agreed settlement date

Note: the Settlement Report is not generated on holidays.

For more information about the reports, such as samples, report structures, and naming conventions, see

Downloading reports

See Download reports for details.

Handle exceptional cases

You might encounter problems when performing reconciliation. This section presents typical exceptional cases that might be encountered and the corresponding resolutions.


Discrepancies might exist between different reports when performing reconciliation.

Possible reasons:

  • Errors occur when performing the reconciliation. For example, differences exist in Alipay+'s data and the ACQP's data.
  • Problems happen when Alipay+ generates reports.


When discrepancies exist, the files provided by Alipay+ prevail.

ACQPs can review the reasons to figure out the problem. If adjustments are required, contact to review the related reports, and then take actions accordingly based on the review results.

Failure of retrieving reports

You might be unable to view or retrieve the reports as usual.

Possible reasons:

  • The report is not generated on holidays.
  • The target report is damaged.
  • Problems occur when Alipay+ generates reports.


Contact for help.