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Integration overview

By integrating with the Merchant-presented Mode Payment product provided by Alipay+, Mobile Payment Providers (MPPs) can implement the following capabilities:

  • Notify the users of Alipay+ availability
  • Allow the users to make a payment
  • Allow the users to inquire about the payment result
  • Allow the users to cancel or refund a payment
  • Download financial reports and perform reconciliation

Notify users of Alipay+ availability

When a user travels abroad, the Mobile Payment Provider (MPP) can proactively notify the user of Alipay+ availability if you (the MPP) detect that the user is abroad and Alipay+ is available in the user region. For more information, see Notify users of Alipay+ availability.

Accept payments

To support the users in making a payment, MPPs need to implement the capability of accepting payments by integrating the Alipay+ client SDK, Alipay+ server SDK, and Alipay+ APIs. For more information, see Accept payments.

It is noted that for different code types, including static entry codes and dynamic entry codes, MPP needs to take different further actions.

Return payment result

To ensure that users can receive the payment result, the MPP needs to integrate the inquirePayment API and is recommended to integrate the notifyPayment API. For more information about how to integrate the APIs, see Notify payment result and Respond to payment inquiry.

Cancel and refund

To support the users in refunding and canceling payments, the MPP needs to integrate the refund and cancelPayment APIs. For more information about how to integrate the APIs, see Cancel a payment and Refund.


Alipay+ provides multiple types of transaction reports to help MPPs to perform the clearing and settlement of transactions. MPPs can download and use reports to streamline their business workflows. For more information, see Reconcile.