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Standard output checklist

In Merchant-presented Mode Payment Private Order Code, outputs such as QR code, receipt, and payment button might exist. Design the outputs by following the specifications described below.

QR code standard

The private order code must follow the Alipay+ code standards as below:

  • The QR code value must be in one of the following formats:
  • An HTTPS URL with one fixed domain name. For example,*****. The first 12 digits in the path must be in the format of 281***04****. The fourth to sixth digits are assigned by Alipay+. The Last 4 digits are assigned by the ACQP to identify an order.
  • An HTTPS URL with one or multiple fixed domain name(s).
  • Follow the QR code design guidelines that are stated in Alipay+ Code Scanning Payment Standards.

Payment receipt

The payment receipt must contain the following information:

  • Alipay+ brand information.
  • Transaction amount.

Unified payment button

You need to place a payment button in the following places:

  • The ACQP's cashier page
  • The ACQP backend system
  • Terminals

To avoid the operation complexity caused by different payment buttons provided by different wallets, you must unify the style and display the Alipay+ logo by following the Alipay+ brand guideline.