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This chapter introduces two types of Point of Sales Material(s) (POSM(s)), as well as the service fee program which includes POSM deployment fees, marketing incentives, and spot inspection fees for promoting Alipay+ POSMs.

What is Alipay+ Marketing Code?

Alipay+ Marketing Code is an offline marketing QR code introduced by Advanced Plus Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Alipay Marketing), a subsidiary of Ant Group. If a store supports Alipay+ wallets (for example, Alipay) as the payment method, consumers (i.e., end customers) can scan these QR codes to receive certain benefits such as discounts.

Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) can earn deployment fees and marketing incentives when they display Alipay+ marketing codes and/or when consumers scan these QR codes.

What are Alipay+ Primary POSMs?

Unlike Alipay+ Marketing Code, Primary POSMs do not include QR codes. They serve as in-store display solutions to promote the Alipay+ brand. By applying for Alipay+ Primary POSMs and ensuring proper deployment, ISOs can use them to inform customers that the store accepts and promotes the use of Alipay+ for payment.

Alipay+ POSM Service Fee program

Alipay+ POSM service fees include (i) POSM deployment fees, (ii) marketing incentives, and (iii) spot inspection fees.

POSM Deployment Fee

ISOs may sign up for this program by accepting the Alipay+ Online Services Agreement for POSM Deployment (including the POSM Deployment Policy for ISOs).

A participating ISO shall deploy the Alipay+ POSM to offline stores supporting Alipay+ wallet payments in accordance with Alipay's requirements and provide its deployment records and relevant information to Alipay for verification.

Upon Alipay Marketing's approval (subject to successful random/spot inspections), the ISO will receive a one-time POSM deployment fee. The deployment fee amount varies by country or region based on specific market conditions of a country or region.

Marketing Incentives

In addition to the deployment and spot inspection fees, the ISO may receive certain marketing incentives when consumers (i.e., end customers) scan the deployed QR codes on the Alipay+ POSM that are deployed by the ISO in the store. The ISO is encouraged to visit the stores frequently to ensure that the Alipay+ POSM is posted in the prominent spots at the stores to receive the maximum marketing incentives.

Spot Inspection Fees (applicable to selected ISOs only)

Alipay Marketing will authorize certain ISOs to conduct spot inspections on the POSM deployments done by other ISOs at selected stores or locations (to be assigned by Alipay Marketing). These authorized ISOs are required to conduct the deployment verification by verifying the performance of POSM deployment under the POSM Deployment Policy and perform the payment verification with the tools provided by Alipay Marketing. After completing the spot inspection, the ISO can obtain a one-time service fee.

The spot inspection fee amount varies by country or region based on specific local market conditions. The spot inspection fees shall be in accordance with the price set out in each order as agreed by the parties.

Note: Please log on and refer to Alipay+ ISO POSM Deployment Program for details.