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Auto Debit

Auto Debit payment is a one-click payment experience that enables the merchant to deducts funds from the user account. The user must pre-authorize and link the digital wallet account with the merchant app account before the auto deduction and enjoy quick payment experience every time after that.

1. Basic concepts

The following terms are used in this document:

  • Auto Debit: Payment scenario that a pre-authorized payment is initiated by the beneficiary (Merchant or Acquirer) to debit the payer's account.
  • Acquirer: Institution that processes payments on behalf of merchants.
  • Alipay+: Alipay+ solution is a collaborative effort along with all Partners to provide more open, digitalized, and inclusive financial services to worldwide consumers and merchants.
  • Mobile Payment Partner: An Alipay+ Partner who provides payment and related services for consumers. Normally, the Mobile Payment Partner owns a digital wallet.
  • Access token: Security credentials with login session that identifies users, user's groups, user's permissions, and, in some cases, specific applications.

2. Benefits

The following list shows the major benefits of using Alipay+ Auto Debit Payment:

Smooth experience

Users only need to perform the authorization once to enjoy quick checkout every time after that.

Secure payment

By adopting access token (encryption and validity control used) and other built-in security mechanism and rule-based risk management, each transaction is highly secured and executed hassle free.

Easy integration

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with APIs. In addition, limited integration costs are needed to add new wallets to expand your business in the future.

3. User experience

By using Alipay+ Auto Debit payment, user's authorization (account binding) experience is illustrated as below.


Figure 1. Authorization workflow

To complete Auto Debit authorization, complete the following steps:

  1. User selects a digital wallet for Auto Debit.
  2. Merchant redirects user to wallet app to sign the authorization agreement.
  3. User inputs the password (or other identity verification method) to complete authentication.
  4. Wallet app presents the authorization result page to user.
  5. Wallet app redirects user back to the merchant page, where the bound wallet account is displayed.

In addition, the merchant name and user authorization details must be displayed on the authorization page. For more information about the page designing and interaction details, see Auto Debit UX design guideline.

4. How it works

In Auto Debit, the following roles are involved:

  • Merchant: A company or individual that trades on goods or services.
  • Acquirer: Institution that processes payments on behalf of merchants.
  • Alipay+: Alipay+ provides the Auto Debit service.
  • Mobile Payment Partner: In Auto Debit, Mobile Payment Partner normally is a Digital Wallet, such as GCash.

4.1 Authorization workflow

The following figure illustrates the user authorization workflow of Auto Debit.


Figure 2. User authorization workflow

By applying OAuth 2.0 standard, the workflow contains the following parts:

  1. Sign Auto Debit agreement. After the user selects a specific wallet for Auto Debit, the merchant requests the authorization URL and then redirects the user to the wallet authorization URL. After the user completes the authentication for Auto Debit, the wallet redirects the user back to the merchant page with the authorization code.
  2. Obtain the access token. Merchant uses the obtained authorization code to apply for the access token from wallet.

4.2 Payment workflow

The following figure illustrates the payment workflow.


Figure 3. Payment flow

After the successful authorization for Auto Debit payments, the user can use the bound wallet for payments. Merchant initiates the payment with the access token. In this flow, the payment evaluation steps are optional.

5. Features

Alipay+ Auto Debit contains the following main features to accelerate your business processes:

  • Authorization for Auto Debit. User can sign agreement to authorize Mobile Payment Partner to Auto Debit. In addition, user can authorize more than one Mobile Payment Partner.
  • Auto debit. Merchant can safely initiate payment by using the access token issued by wallet without user intervention.