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User-presented Mode Payment

User-presented Mode Payment, which is also known as consumer-presented mode payment, provides consumers with an excellent payment experience. The consumer presents the payment code in the Mobile Payment Partner app to the merchant and the merchant scans the payment code to initiate a payment.

1. Basic concepts

The following terms are used in this document:

  • User-presented Mode Payment: Payment scenario that the merchant scans the consumer presented code with a device to initiate the payment.
  • Acquirer: Institution that processes payments on behalf of merchants.
  • Alipay+: Alipay+ solution is a collaborative effort along with all Partners to provide more open, digitalized, and inclusive financial services to worldwide consumers and merchants.
  • Mobile Payment Partner: An Alipay+ Partner who provides payment and related services for consumers. Normally, the Mobile Payment Partner owns a digital wallet.
  • Payment code: Also known as business-scan-consumer (B-scan-C) code. QR codes or barcodes presented by consumers for merchants to scan with their reading devices to initiate payments. See Consumer-Presented Mode for details.

2. Benefits

The following list shows the major benefits of using Alipay+ User-presented Mode Payment:

Enhanced experience

With User-presented Mode Payment, the payment speed and efficiency are greatly improved because the merchant can lower the error rate in the payment process by specifying the payment amount and the merchant can get a clear payment result for each transaction. In addition, even in poor network condition, the payment can still be completed successfully.

Secure payment

With Alipay+ centralized code generation, the payment code is generated according to user's country/region, which makes each transaction highly secured and executed hassle free.

Easy integration

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with APIs. In addition, limited integration costs are needed to add new wallets to expand your business in the future.

3. User experience

A user can present the payment code on the Mobile Payment Partner app to the merchant for scanning. The user experience is illustrated as below:


Figure 1. User experience of User-presented Mode Payment

Completes the payment by the following steps:

  1. User opens the Mobile Payment Partner app, switches the country/region on demand for cross border scenario, and then presents the Alipay+ payment code to merchant.
  2. Merchant scans the payment code presented by the user.
  3. Mobile Payment Partner presents the payment result page.

The payment code complies with the standards and specifications as defined in Code-Scanning Payment Standards. For more information about the page designing and interaction details, see Consumer-Presented Mode UX design guideline.

4. How it works

In User-presented Mode Payment, the following roles are involved:

  • User: An individual or institution that uses the payment service.
  • Merchant: A company or individual that trades on goods or services.
  • Acquirer: Institution that processes payments on behalf of merchants.
  • Alipay+: Alipay+ provides the User-presented Mode Payment service.
  • Mobile Payment Partner: Mobile Payment Partner normally is a Digital Wallet.


Figure 2. Alipay+ User-presented Mode Payment workflow

After merchant places an order, complete the payment by performing the following steps:

  1. Mobile Payment Partner app applies for the payment code from Alipay+. Then the user presents the payment code to the merchant.
  2. The merchant scans the payment code and sends a payment request to Alipay+.
  3. Alipay+ decodes the payment code to obtain the customer ID, and then sends the payment request with the customer ID to Mobile Payment Partner.
  4. Mobile Payment Partner debits payment amount from the user account according to the customer ID. After processing the payment successfully, Mobile Payment Partner presents the payment result to user.

5. Features

Alipay+ User-presented Mode Payment contains the following main features to accelerate your business processes:

  • Alipay+ centralized code generation. When user opens Alipay+ payment code page and selects a country in the wallet app, Alipay+ automatically generates a payment QR code supported by that country for the Acquirer to scan and submit payment.
  • Standardized payment code. The standardized payment code can be used across the globe, which helps Mobile Payment Partners easily reach out to global merchants.