The notifyRegistrationStatus API is used by Mobile Payment Partners (MPPs) to notify Alipay+ of the merchant registration result. MPPs need to integrate this API only if they adopt the Approval Mode and cannot return the registration result synchronously via the registration API. For more information about what the Approval Mode is, see Merchant registration.

Note: In the following sections, MPP is also known as Payment Service Partner (PSP). For example, pspId refers to the unique ID that identifies an MPP. 

Request parameters

referenceMerchantId String  REQUIRED

The unique ID that is assigned by Alipay+ to identify a merchant. 

More information about this field:

  • Maximum length: 64 characters

registrationResult RegistrationResult object REQUIRED

The registration result from the MPP. 

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registrationRequestId String  REQUIRED

The unique ID that is assigned by Alipay+ to identify a registration request.

More information about this field:

  • Maximum length: 64 characters

Response parameters

result Result object REQUIRED

The result of the business processing, including the result status, result code, and the result message. 

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Accept: application/json
Domain name
Request Body (MPP to Alipay+)


Response Body (Alipay+ to MPP)

Result/Error codes

ABNORMAL_REGISTRATION_STATUSFThe registration status is abnormal.
ACCESS_DENIEDFAccess is denied.
INVALID_CLIENTFThe client is invalid.
INVALID_SIGNATUREFThe signature is invalid.
KEY_NOT_FOUNDFThe key is not found.
MEDIA_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTABLEFThe server does not implement the media type that is acceptable to the client.
METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTEDFThe server does not implement the requested HTTPS method.
NO_INTERFACE_DEFFAPI is not defined.
PARAM_ILLEGALFIllegal parameters. For example, non-numeric input, invalid date.
PROCESS_FAILFA general business failure occurred. Do not retry.
REQUEST_TRAFFIC_EXCEED_LIMITFThe request traffic exceeds the limit.
UNKNOWN_EXCEPTIONUAn API call failed, which is caused by unknown reasons.