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Alipay+ Linker Wallet

Alipay+ Linker Wallet is a mobile application that is provided by Alipay+ to simulate the process of making payments to the merchant side. The processing logic is shown in the following figure:


To use Alipay+ Linker Wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Download the application via the QR code on the Alipay+ Linker Wallet page of the Alipay+ Developer Center.
  2. Use your account for the Alipay+ Developer Center to log in to Alipay+ Linker Wallet.
  3. Use Alipay+ Linker Wallet to run the test cases on the Test Suites page that require the use of Alipay+ Linker Wallet. For details, see Simulator in Alipay+ Linker Wallet User Guide.