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How to consult payment method information

To render the payment method or add payment method page with the information about the Alipay+ payment method, you need to consult the information firstly. This chapter introduces how to consult the Alipay+ payment method information, including the Alipay+ logo, brand name, and promotion information.

Note: The Alipay+ logo mentioned in this topic refers to:

  • The default Alipay+ logo that displays only the Alipay+ brand if no aggregated logo is preconfigured.
  • Aggregated logos that display both the Alipay+ brand and other wallet brands if aggregated logos are preconfigured.

In general, Alipay+ provides the following three methods for you to consult the payment method information:

Method 1: Integrate the Alipay+ SDK

Your client side integrates the Alipay+ Client SDK (Alipay+ SDK for short) to consult the payment method information. For more information, see Integrate the Alipay+ SDK.

Method 2: Request JSON data from Alipay+ CDN server

You call the Alipay+ CDN server to request JSON data and parse the data to obtain payment method information, which includes whether the Ailpay+ payment method is available and if available, detailed information about Alipay+ logos and promotion campaigns. For more information, see Request JSON data from the Alipay+ CDN server.

Method 3: Request logo assets from Alipay+ CDN server

Your client side calls the Alipay+ CDN server to request Alipay+ logo assets. For each request, only one logo image is returned if the Alipay+ payment method is available. For more information, see Request logo assets from the Alipay+ CDN server.

Which method to use

You can refer to the following flowchart to select the method that best suits your needs when consulting the Alipay+ payment method information:


Figure 1: Flowchart of selecting the method for consulting payment method info

Choose the payment method by answering the following questions:

Do you want to call from your server side or client side to obtain Alipay+ payment method information?

  • If you want to call from your server side, choose method 2.
  • If you want to call from your client side, do you need the details about the Alipay+ logo and promotion?
    • If you do not need the details, choose method 3.
    • If you need the details, do you want to integrate the Alipay+ SDK?
      • If yes, choose method 1.
      • If no, choose method 2.