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Integration overview

Before you begin

Before you learn more about how to integrate with Alipay+ Cashier Payment, ensure that you are familiar with the following things:

  • The user experience and features that Alipay+ Cashier Payment can provide to the consumers. For more information, see Product introduction.
  • General steps that you need to take to go through the whole integration process. For more information, see Get started with Alipay+ integration.

Build an integration

Use the APIs and SDKs that are provided by Alipay+ to integrate the following Cashier Payment functions as required:

Register a merchant

In certain countries or regions, for legal or compliance reasons, you need to register the merchant information before processing a payment. For more information about how to integrate related APIs for merchant registration, see Register a merchant.

Accept a payment

To support the users in accepting a payment, you need to render the payment method page, initiate a payment request, and handle the payment result. For more information about how to integrate related APIs or SDKs to accept a payment, see Accept a payment.

Post payments

To support the users in handling some cases that might happen after a payment, for example, payment cancellation and refunds, you need to integrate the related APIs. For more information about how to integrate these APIs, see Post payments.


Alipay+ provides multiple types of transaction reports to help you to perform the clearing and settlement of transactions. To streamline your business workflows, you need to develop your reconciliation function module according to the production mechanism and specification of the transaction reports. For more information, see the Reconcile section.


To ensure your integration with Alipay+ can work properly, you also need to ensure your merchant meet the requirements in terms of Alipay+ brand and integration. For more information about the requirements, see Requirements for merchants.