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Standard output checklist

In the Merchant-presented Mode Payment scenario, the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP) might need to design outputs regarding Alipay+, such as logos displayed on payment terminals and payment receipts. Read this topic to check if your outputs meet Alipay+ standards.

QR code standards

Entry code

The entry code must be a QR code that represents an HTTPS URL of the merchant page.

Private order code

The private order code must be a QR code that represents an HTTPS URL.

Payment receipt

If your merchant prints a receipt after the payment is accepted through Alipay+, the receipt must contain the following information:

  • Alipay+ brand information. For more information about how to display the Alipay+ brand mark on the receipt, see the Receipt section in Alipay+ Brand Guidelines.
  • Transaction amount.

Brand display on terminals

If your merchant uses any of the following payment terminals, the Alipay+ brand mark needs to be placed on the display unit of the terminal:

  • Cashier register
  • Traditional POS terminal
  • Smart POS terminal

For more information, see the Terminals section in Alipay+ Brand Guidelines.

Merchant page

Note: This requirement on the merchant page is only applicable to the Merchant-presented Mode Payment Entry Code scenario.


Present information by using a language that the user is familiar with. It is required at least to support English, and it is recommended to support other languages based on the information of the user's device.

Alipay+ brand

If your merchant needs to display the Alipay+ brand on the merchant page, the Alipay+ logo must be displayed by following Brand display guidelines for in-store payment.