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Receive registration results

If the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP) wants to receive notifications from Alipay+ about registration results, the ACQP needs to integrate the notifyRegistrationStatus API. Each time Alipay+ receives a notification from the Mobile Payment Provider (MPP), Alipay+ will notify the ACQP of the registration result by calling the API.

Processing logic

When using the notifyRegistrationStatus API, the ACQP needs to take the following things into consideration:

  • The ACQP needs to specify the value of registrationNotifyUrl in the registration API to receive the notifications from Alipay+.
  • For every unique registrationRequestId, Alipay+ returns a notification about the registration result.
  • Each notification from Alipay+ contains the registration statuses of all the MPPs to be registered to.

For more information about how to use the API (such as the parameter description), see notifyRegistrationStatus.


The following sample shows the request and response when Alipay+ calls the notifyRegistrationStatus API to notify the ACQP of registration results.

Request from Alipay+ to the ACQP

  "registrationRequestId": "2020091811058602000006001420000",
  "referenceMerchantId": "2188120000190000",
  "referenceStoreId": "340000",
  "registrationResult": {
    "registrationStatus": "COMPLETED"
  "pspRegistrationResultList": [
      "productCodes": [
      "pspName": "ALIPAY_CN",
      "registrationResult": {
        "registrationStatus": "APPROVED"

Response from the ACQP to Alipay+

  "result": {
    "resultCode": "SUCCESS",
    "resultStatus": "S",
    "resultMessage": "Success"