Register a merchant

By calling the registration API, the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP) can either register a new merchant or update an existing registration, such as modify merchant information and add payment products. Note that only one merchant or store can be registered or updated at a time.

Processing logic

When using the registration API, the ACQP needs to take the following things into consideration:

  • The following request parameters need to be correctly specified:
    • productCodes, merchantInfo.referenceMerchantId, and storeInfo.referenceStoreId: Refer to the More information section in API Reference to learn about how to specify these three parameters.

Note: If the ACQP performs the TSP mode to integrate Alipay+ payment products, for each merchant, the ACQP needs to provide each TSP with a unique value of the merchantInfo.referenceMerchantId parameter. For more information about TSP mode, see Integration guides for TSP mode.

    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.registrationType: indicates the merchant's business registration type, namely the type of the merchant's business registration number.
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.registrationNo: indicates the merchant's business registration number.
  • When calling a request to update an existing registration, check whether the last registration request is still within 7 natural days or processed. Only when the last request exceeds 7 natural days, or it is within 7 natural days but has been processed, can the new request be accepted; otherwise, it is rejected.
  • In the response, depending on the different values of the result.resultStatus parameter, different actions need to be taken:
    • If the value of result.resultStatus is S, the registration is successfully accepted by Alipay+.
    • If the value of result.resultStatus is any other value, check the values of result.resultCode and result.resultMessage for more information.

For more information about how to use the registration API, see registration.


The following samples show the request and response when the ACQP calls the Alipay+ registration API in the Cashier Payment Scenario.

Request from the ACQP to Alipay+

  "registrationRequestId": "2020091811058602000006001420000",
  "merchantInfo": {
    "referenceMerchantId": "2188120000190000",
    "merchantDisplayName": "Example",
    "merchantMCC": "5735",
    "websites": [{
      "url": "",
      "websiteType": "WEB"
    "registrationDetail": {
      "legalName": "ExampleLegalName",
      "registrationType": "ENTERPRISE_REGISTRATION_NO",
      "registrationNo": "RN100",
      "registrationAddress": {
        "region": "CN",
        "address1": "浙江省杭州市"
      "businessType": "ENTERPRISE"
  "productCodes": ["CASHIER_PAYMENT"]

Response from Alipay+ to the ACQP

  "result": {
    "resultCode": "SUCCESS",
    "resultStatus": "S",
    "resultMessage": "Success"