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What is Alipay+ Linker Wallet

Alipay+ Linker Wallet (also called "AWallet") is a mobile application for Alipay+ Acquiring Service Providers (ACQPs) to integrate with Alipay+ payment products in a more cost-efficient and intelligent way.

AWallet allows both ACQPs and their merchants simulate the process of making payments on the wallet side so as to complete the whole payment process.

  • If you are an Acquiring Service Provider, you can use AWallet in the following ways:
  • If you are a merchant, you can use AWallet in the following ways:
    • Perform testing with test suites provided by Alipay+. See Test Suites.
    • Perform self-help testing for various Alipay+ payment products. See Simulator.

In addition, you can report an issue during the testing or provide suggestions on the user experience. For more information about how to give feedback, see Feedback.