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Get started with Alipay+ integration

This topic provides general steps to walk you through the whole integration process. Read this topic to get started with Alipay+ integration.

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    Prepare for integration

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    To get prepared for implementing the integration, perform the following actions.

    1. 1. Sign the NDA

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      Before you take further action for integration, contact the Alipay+ Bussiness Development (BD) to get and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so that you can acquire more support and resources from Alipay+.

    2. 2. Set up an account

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      Contact the Alipay+ Solution Architect (SA) and provide an email address. The Alipay+ SA uses this email address to help you set up an account to log in to the Alipay+ Docs center and Alipay+ Developer Center.

    3. 3. Get the integration guides

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      After the account for you is set up, you can log in to the Alipay+ Docs center and read the integration guides. They help you to go through various Alipay+ products and understand integration workflows.

    4. 4. Plan for your integration

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      After reading the integration guides, work with the Alipay+ SA to make an integration plan. The Alipay+ SA helps you figure out the integration scope, for example, which capabilities are required to be integrated and which are optional.

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    Develop and integrate

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    Alipay+ provides Alipay+ Developer Center and other tools to help you facilitate application development and integration. Follow the instructions described in Alipay+ Developer Center User Guide to perform the self-integration process, which includes the main steps below.

    Moreover, a video tutorial is provided for you. For more information, see Videos: Get started with Alipay+ integration.

    1. 1. Log in

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      Use the account that is set in the previous step to log in to Alipay+ Developer Center.

    2. 2. Create an application

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      Create an application and specify the product to be integrated based on your business requirements.

      a. Fill in the application information.

      b. Select products.

      c. Check the application information.

      d. Select features for products.

    3. 3. Develop in the sandbox

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      After creating the application, you can simulate and test open APIs in the sandbox, so that the application can go live more efficiently and smoothly.

      a. Acquire sandbox resources.

      b. Configure the sandbox.

      c. Develop and test in the sandbox.

    4. 4. Conduct sandbox acceptance testing

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      Before launching your application into production, you need to pass all required test cases in the sandbox.

      a. Check the sandbox configurations.

      b. Perform testing with test cases provided by Alipay+.

    5. 5. Launch into production

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      Contact the Alipay+ SA to complete the following two tasks first:

      • Provide the integration information for Alipay+, which includes:
        • The MPP name and logo to be displayed on the merchant cashier page
        • An outgoing IP address for Alipay+ API calls
        • API endpoints where Alipay+ calls APIs
        • An outgoing IP address for the Alipay+ SFTP server
      • Obtain the integration information from Alipay+, which includes:
        • An SFTP account and password to download reconciliation reports

      When you are ready, launch the application into production.

      a. Configure the production environment.

      b. Launch the application in Alipay+ Developer Center.

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    Conduct production acceptance testing

    After launching the application, contact the Alipay+ SA for production acceptance testing.

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    Start your business

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    After your application is activated for business, notify the Alipay+ SA so that Alipay+ can monitor your system's behavior and check for any unpredictable errors that might affect your business.