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Merchant registration

In certain countries or regions, for legal or compliance reasons, the merchant information that is related to the payment must be registered before a payment can be processed. The merchant registration process only needs to be performed once.

The following figure illustrates the merchant registration flow:


Figure 1. Merchant registration flow

Processing logic

When processing merchant registration requests, Mobile Payment Provider must pay attention to the following items:

  • Batch operations are not supported. Each time, only one merchant or store can be registered.
  • For the Auto Debit scenario, at least the merchant information must be registered.
  • The response of the merchant registration request only indicates that the registration request is successfully accepted.
  • The Mobile Payment Provider returns the registration status to Alipay+ asynchronously (normally within 7 days), the Mobile Payment Provider can obtain the registration result by using inquiryRegistrationStatus interface.
  • Alipay+ will notify the Acquiring Service Provider of the merchant registration status via notifyRegistrationStatus interface if the Acquiring Service Provider integrates this interface.


Alipay+ sends merchant registration request to the Mobile Payment Provider.

	"registrationRequestId": "202009181105860200000600142****",
	"merchantInfo": {
		"referenceMerchantId": "218812000019****",
		"merchantDisplayName": "Example",
		"merchantMCC": "5735",
		"logo": {
			"logoUrl": "",
			"logoName": "Example Inc"
		"merchantAddress": {
			"region": "CN",
			"address1": "浙江省杭州市..."
		"registrationDetail": {
			"legalName": "",
			"contactInfo": [{
				"contactNo": "",
				"contactType": "EMAIL"
			}, {
				"contactNo": "9326*****56",
				"contactType": "MOBILE_PHONE"
			"registrationType": "ENTERPRISE_REGISTRATION_NO",
			"registrationNo": "RN1**",
			"registrationEffectiveDate": "2019-01-01T12:08:55+08:00",
			"registrationExpireDate": "2020-01-01T12:08:55+08:00",
			"registrationAddress": {
				"region": "CN",
				"address1": "浙江省杭州市"
			"websites": [{
				"url": "",
				"websiteType": "WEB"
			"businessType": "ENTERPRISE"
		"shareholderName": "Zhangsan",
		"shareholderId": "69833444422"
	"productCodes": ["AGREEMENT_PAYMENT"]

The Mobile Payment Provider returns result to Alipay+.

  "result": {
    "resultCode": "SUCCESS",
    "resultStatus": "S",
    "resultMessage": "Success"

More information

For more information about how to use the APIs (such as the field description), see registration.