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Obtain payment results

Alipay+ provides the following three methods for the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP) to obtain the payment results:

  • from the synchronous response of the pay interface.
  • use the inquiryPayment interface to inquire about the payment result.
  • from the payment notification that Alipay+ asynchronously sends to the ACQP by using the notifyPayment interface.


  • It is required for the ACQP to support all three methods so that the ACQP can really obtain the payment result.
  • The results from the three ways might be inconsistent because the result from the synchronous response of the pay interface and the result from the inquiryPayment interface might be in the intermediate state. To get the final state of the payment, the ACQP needs to keep retrying the inquiryPayment API call or wait for Alipay+ to send the notifyPayment request.

The following diagram illustrates all the possible combinations of the results that the ACQP might encounter in the three ways.


Figure 1. Combinations of different kinds of results

For more information, see Inquire about payment results and Receive payment notification.