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Return payment results

After the user makes a payment, Mobile Payment Provider (MPP) can return the payment result to Alipay+ by the following three ways:

  • Return the payment result in the response of the pay API.
  • Return the payment result in the asynchronous request of the notifyPayment API.
  • Return the payment result in the response of the inquiryPayment API.

If the payment reaches a final status (success or failure), make sure to keep the returned payment results consistent in the above three ways. However, there is one exception. If a payment succeeds (the parameters paymentResult.resultStatus is S and paymentResult.resultCode is SUCCESS) but then is successfully cancelled, you need to return the parameters paymentResult.resultStatus of F and paymentResult.resultCode ofORDER_IS_CLOSED to Alipay+ when Alipay+ calls the inquiryPayment API.

Note: A payment reaches the final status of failure means that the payment failed and cannot be retried anymore.

Integration requirements

It is required that you (the MPP) support the inquiryPayment API to ensure that Alipay+ receives the final payment result (success or failure). For how to respond to payment result inquiry through the inquiryPayment API, see Respond to payment inquiry.

It is recommended that you support the notifyPayment API so that Alipay+ can receive your payment result notification. Learn more about how to notify the payment result through the notifyPayment API.