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Requirements for merchants

The merchant must follow the requirements for the brand display and integration in this section.

Brand display

  • The merchant's cashier page must display the Alipay+ payment logo according to the Alipay+ brand specifications.
  • If promotions are available, the merchant's cashier page must display the Alipay+ promotion information. There are two methods for a merchant to display promotion information:
  • Get the promotion information from the Alipay+ CDN server or by calling the inquirePaymentOption SDK API, and display it accordingly on the cashier page
  • (For aggregated logos only) Display the Alipay+ logo with a promotion tag. In this case, the merchant must provide the size of the logo with the promotion tag to Alipay+ beforehand. Alipay+ returns such logos during payment method consultation for the merchant to display.
  • If the merchant displays the Alipay+ payment logo on the Merchant Payment Result Page, the logo must conform to Alipay+ brand specifications.

For more information about brand guidelines, see Brand Display Guidelines for Cashier Payment.


  • Capable to call Alipay+'s related API or SDK to obtain the payment information and promotion information, and display the Alipay+ brand and promotion information according to the brand guidelines.
  • For merchant apps without Alipay+ client SDK, ensure that the Alipay+ checkout page is opened by a browser, rather than in the merchant app.
  • When the payment is initiated from the merchant app, ensure that the URL that redirects the user back to the merchant is a scheme or WAP address to a URL scheme (for compatibility).
  • The merchant must obtain the payment result from the ACQP server side, rather than judging from the front-end redirection result.