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Cancel or refund a payment

After a payment is initiated, it can be cancelled or refunded. It is required that the Mobile Payment Provider (MPP) integrate both cancelPayment API and refund API to process the cancellation and refund requests from Alipay+.

Cancellation: The payment can be cancelled within the agreed cancellable period, which is from the time when the transaction is initiated to 00:30 UTC+8 of T+1 day, regardless of the payment status. You (the MPP) need to allow the cancellation request for a payment within this time frame.

Refund: A refund can be initiated any time after the transaction is successfully paid and before the refund period expires. You need to allow the refund expiration period to be at least 366 days, starting from when the initial payment is made.

The following table lists more differences between cancellation and refund:


Fee items


Available period


Full amount only

No fees occur for cancelled transactions.

Cancelled transactions are not included in the clearing and settlement files.

At least from transaction initiation to 00:30 UTC+8, T+1


Full, partial, and multiple partial refunds

The interchange fee (also known as interpartner fee) is refunded to the Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP).

Refund transactions are included in the clearing and settlement files.

At least 366 days

Integration requirements

It is required that you support the cancelPayment API and refund API to ensure a smooth cancellation and refund process.

For how to cancel a payment, see Cancel a payment.
For how to refund a payment, see Refund.