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What's new

July 2019 (1.0.0)

Initial release

April 2021 (1.1.0)

Terminology update

October 2021 (2.0.0)

  1. Separated codes defined by Alipay+ and by other payment systems, to which different management principles apply;
  2. Corrected definition in accordance with ISO 18245; deleted Alipay+- defined codes with no use cases; updated codes defined by other payment systems as they update.

April 2022 (2.1.0)

  1. Clarified MCC allocation and recognition principles in Section 5: sequence of allocating is from Table A1 to Table A3; Acquiring Partners and Mobile Payment Partners shall recognize all the codes in three Tables.
  2. Aligned level one category with ISO 18245 standard, and deleted level two category, which overlaps or conflicts with level one.
  3. Aligned definition of Merchant Category Code with industry definition.

October 2022 (2.2.0)

  1. Added two codes to Table A2: 5821- Online application store or platform; 7953- Live streaming content or platform services (digital goods or assets only)

April 2024 (2.3.0)

  1. Added two codes to Table A1: 5552 - Electrical vehicle charging;5262 - Ecommerce site hosted by market place operator with products/services provided by multiple third party suppliers.
  2. Amended nine codes in Table A3: 3019; 3070; 3080; 3081; 3303; 3308; 3630; 3756; 3839.