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MCC usage rules

MCC usage rules

General principles

Merchant Category Code is a four-digit number that is assigned according to the business, services and products provided by a Merchant, which can be used to identify the classification of the Merchant. Based on MCC, Alipay+ and Partners can manage Merchants by categories for different purposes, such as risk control, transaction data, regulatory reports or pricing.

The Merchant Category Codes defined in this document, as listed in Annex A, conform to ISO 18245. Alipay+ may update the MCC list according to ISO 18245 standard updates or business needs. Alipay+ reserves the right to correct the improper assignment or use of an MCC.

MCC allocation by Acquiring Partners

Acquiring Partners need to assess their Merchants’ business activities and assign correct MCCs (as listed in Annex A) to the Merchants.

Codes defined by ISO 18245

MCC values already defined in ISO 18245 can be found in Table A1 in Annex A. An Acquiring Partner shall first attempt to select an applicable MCC from this Table A1 to be assigned to any of its Merchants.

Codes defined by Alipay+ for private use

Alipay+ also defines MCC values from the range reserved for private use in ISO 18245 to meet Alipay+ business requirements (as listed in Table A2 in Annex A). If an Acquiring Partner cannot find the applicable MCC from Table A1 for any of its Merchants, the Partner shall look for the correct MCC in Table A2 to be assigned to that Merchant.

Codes defined by other payment systems

Alipay+ also supports the recognition of MCCs defined by other payment systems (as listed in Table A3 in Annex A) to facilitate operability. Merchants that have already implemented MCCs in this Table A3 before accepting Alipay+ may continue their business without changing MCC, while other Merchants must be assigned with MCCs from Table A1 (refer to the corresponding codes in “Recommended ISO 18245 Codes” column in Table A3), or Table A2 (if an applicable MCC cannot be found from Table A1).

MCC recognition by Mobile Payment Partners and Acquiring Partners

All Mobile Payment Partners and Acquiring Partners need to recognize the MCCs in this Standards (including Table A1, Table A2, and Table A3) in transaction processing.

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