Download reports

You can download the Alipay+ reconciliation reports from the Alipay+ SFTP server or Alipay+ Partner Workspace. Regardless of where you get the reports, the generation time and the content of the reports are the same.

Important: The SFTP method supports downloading the reports that are generated within 7 days. If you need to download the reports that have been generated for more than 7 days, go to the Alipay+ Partner Workspace.


Alipay+ uploads reports to a specific directory in the SFTP for Mobile Payment Partners (MPP) to download.

All reports are UTF-8 encoded and saved in the directory as below:

  • Clearing reports: /v1/settlements/clearing/<participantId>/<date>
  • Settlement report: /v1/settlements/settlement/<participantId>/<date>


    • participantId is the unique ID that Alipay+ assigns to the MPP. The field identifies the receiver of the file.
    • date is the date when the report is generated.

Alipay+ Partner Workspace

You can also download the reports from Alipay+ Partner Workspace. For more information, see Alipay+ Partner Workspace User Guide (MPP) - Download Reports.