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Document History: What's New

This page describes release changes to the documentation of Code-Scanning Payment Standard


The following table describes important changes in each release since Aug, 2020:

Dec, 2020

The term Payment Service Provider (PSP) is changed to Digital Wallet.

Nov, 2020

For Consumer-Presented Mode, new code issuer IDs are added to the code issuer table.

For Merchant-Presented Mode, the code issuer list is updated with code issuers. New code format are added to support the following scenarios:

  • Marketing code for marketing campaigns
  • Code used for gaming scenarios
  • Code presented by a business account (B-account) owner to collect funds from another user


The user experience design guideline is now available for you to design consumer-presented codes. 


The security guideline is now available with the following details:

  • Security threat analysis
  • General guidelines, requirements and recommendation

Aug, 2020

Chinese translation is now available. For more information, see 中文版本.