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Get your TSP prepared

To start an integration, get your Technical Service Provider (TSP) prepared with the following two steps.

Step 1: Get an account for TSP

The TSP performs development and testing in Alipay+ Developer Center, which requires a login account. Thus, the ACQP needs to first apply for an account for its TSP to log in to the platform.

For more information about how to apply and what information is needed, see the Apply for a TSP account step in Prepare for integration.

Step 2: Guide TSP for integration

In addition to the login account, knowledge about Alipay+ integration is also vital for the TSP. Thus, before its TSP starts the integration in Alipay+ Developer Center, the ACQP needs to guide the TSP to read the following documents:

Moreover, if needed, the ACQP can share the Integration Guides documentation for the Alipay+ payment products with the TSP. Find these guides on the Alipay+ Docs Center.