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Authorize the application

After the TSP finishes the sandbox acceptance testing and gets ready for launching the application, the TSP needs to get authorization from the ACQP. For more information about actions that the TSP needs to take, see Invite ACQP for authorization.

When receiving the authorization URL, the ACQP needs to complete the following two steps.

Step 1: Log in

Open the URL and log in to the Alipay+ Developer Center. For more information about ACQP account setup and login, see Log in.

Step 2: Complete the authorization

After logging in, complete the authorization to allow the TSP to launch the application. Follow these steps:

  1. In the pop-up window, check the authorization information, including the TSP information and the authorization scope.


  1. Read the Term of use and tick the checkbox.


  1. Click Authorize to continue the authorization.

If you want to authorize the application later, click Skip and go back to the homepage. To continue the authorization, open the URL that is sent by the TSP and repeat the steps above.

  1. The authorization result is displayed. Take different actions for different results.
    • The authorization is completed successfully. You can click View Authorized Applications to check the authorization information on the Application Authorization page.


On this page, some further actions on an authorized application can also be taken, such as:

      • Search for authorization records.
      • Cancel the authorization.
      • Modify the authorization scope.

For more information, see Further actions.

    • The authorization has been already completed. Similarly, you can click View Authorized Applications for a check and take further actions regarding authorization.
    • The authorization failed. You can try opening the URL to initiate authorization again or contact the Developer Admin of your TSP for more details.