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Further actions

For authorized applications, the ACQP can take the following further actions:

  • Search for authorization records and check the authorization information.
  • Cancel the authorization.
  • Modify the authorization scope.

Search for authorization records

  1. Go to the Production > Authorization page, where you can find authorization records of all applications.
  2. Search for authorization records by TSP name, TSP ID, and email. Also, you can click Expand to reveal more search filters.

Set the filters and click Search.

  1. Check the authorization information of the search results, including the TSP information, application name and status, authorization status and time, and token.

Cancel an authorization

For an authorized application, you can revoke the authorization and cancel the cooperation with the TSP.

  1. Go to the Production > Authorization page.
  2. Search for the authorization record by applying the filters. For example:
    • Application Status: set to Launched and In Progress.
    • Authorization Status: set to Active.
  1. Find the authorization record, and click Deauthorize in the Actions column.
  2. Click Deauthorize to revoke the authorization. Note that after you cancel the authorization, the TSP cannot take any actions on behalf of your company.

Modify the authorization scope

For an authorized application, the TSP might want to modify the authorization scope by adding new payment products. For more information, see Modify the authorization scope in Alipay+ Developer Center User Guide for TSPs.

After receiving the URL that is sent by the TSP, repeat the Authorize the application step to modify the authorization scope.