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Inquire about payment results

The Acquiring Service Provider can call the inquiryPayment interface to inquire about the payment result.

The following table lists the different results that the Acquiring Service Provider might receive from Alipay+ when calling the inquiryPayment interface.






The payment succeeds. The Acquiring Service Provider can proceed with the order as a successful payment.



The payment fails. The Acquiring Service Provider needs to take further actions according to the error message returned in the paymentResult.resultCode parameter.



The payment is still in processing. The Acquiring Service Provider needs to keep the polling of inquryPayment until the payment result (paymentResult.resultStatus) in the inquriyPayment response is F or S



  • The polling of inquiryPayment must be performed with an interval of 3 seconds in 60 seconds.
  • After 60 seconds, if the value of paymentResult.resultStatus is still U. The Acquiring Service Provider needs to use the cancelPayment interface to cancel the order.
  • Only after the order is canceled at the Alipay+ side, the Acquiring Service Provider can mark the payment as failed.

No results received

For more information about how to use the inquiryPayment interface (such as the field description and format), see inquiryPayment.