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Alipay+ Brand Mark Assets

To correctly use the Alipay+ brand mark across all channels, check Alipay+ Fundamental Brand Guidelines.

To correctly use the Alipay+ brand mark for respective products, see the following pages:

Make sure you have read and accepted the Legal provisions before downloading the following assets:

Legal provisions

Alipay+ Trade Marks

The "Alipay+" word mark, the "+" symbol and the Alipay+ mark in any stylization or design, collectively the "Alipay+ Trade Marks" are trade marks (registered or unregistered) of Ant Group Co. Ltd. or its affiliate (hereinafter "Ant Group"). Any use of such marks must be authorized in writing by Ant Group or subject to an appropriate license and comply with these Alipay+ Brand Guidelines ("these Guidelines").

These Guidelines set out the standards applicable to each element of the Alipay+ Trade Marks.

Statement of Ownership

As an authorized licensee, you acknowledge that Ant Group or its affiliate is the owner of the Alipay+ Trade Marks. All goodwill arising from the use of the Alipay+ Trade Marks shall belong to Ant Group or its affiliate and you shall execute any documents that Ant Group may reasonably request to assign any such goodwill to the trade mark owner.

All uses of the Alipay+ Trade Marks should where possible, be accompanied by a statement that Ant Group or its affiliate owns the rights to the Alipay+ Trade Marks, and uses by third parties are subject to a license. Generally, the statement should appear at the end of the material, footer of the document or the back of the product packaging. The recommended statement of ownership is as follows:

The "Alipay+" word mark, the "+" symbol and the Alipay+ mark in any stylization or design, collectively the "Alipay+ Trade Marks" are trade marks (registered or unregistered) of Ant Group Co. Ltd. or its affiliate. Any use of such marks by [name of licensee] is under license.

Obligations and Restrictions

1. You shall use all reasonable endeavours to preserve evidence of any authorized use of the Alipay+ Trade Marks and produce evidence of use of the Alipay+ Trade Marks upon request. When requested by Ant Group, you shall, at Ant Group's costs, provide Ant Group with reasonable assistance it may require in conducting or defending proceedings in respect of the Alipay+ Trade Marks.

2. You must promptly notify Ant Group in writing of any actual, suspected, attempted or threatened infringement of the Alipay+ Trade Marks or if you receive actual or threatened third party claims of infringement for using the Alipay+ Trade Marks according to the license granted to you.

3. The following restrictions apply to all uses of the Alipay+ Trade Marks:
a.The Alipay+ Trade Marks are distinctive trade marks and therefore, you must not use them for decorative purposes, in a common, descriptive or generic manner, or any other manner which will damage the distinctiveness of the trade marks or the reputation of Ant Group.
b.Unless written authorization is obtained from Ant Group, you shall not:
i. reference Ant Group or the Alipay+ Trade Marks in a manner which would likely lead to confusion or misrepresentation:
ii. hint or represent that you are an associated party or subsidiary of Ant Group:
ill. hint or represent any sponsorship or support from Ant Group:
v. hint or represent that any content is authorized by Ant Group or represent the view point or position of Ant Group.
c. The content and design of all materials on which you intend to affix or apply the Alipay+ Trade Marks (including but not limited to products, merchandises, website, written publications, advertising and promotional materials) must first be approved by Ant Group. Ant Group may, in its sole discretion, approve or reject materials submitted for approval, and where the materials are rejected, you must destroy marketing materials that are deemed unsuitable or non-compliant by Ant Group. The approval process is set out in these Guidelines. However, you are responsible to ensure that the content of the materials you intend to disclose or publish are accurate and compliant with the applicable laws.
d.Unless specifically authorized in writing, vou must not use, apply to register or register a product name, service name, trade mark, logo, company name, business name, domain name, meta tag, keyword, search term, or other account name, public name, group name or other identifying signs etc used on social media, which incorporate individual elements of the Alipav+ Trade Marks or their variations.
e. You must not use or apply to register any trade marks (including words, images, letters, numerals, three-dimensional signs, colour (or colour combination), slogans or any other design) which in the view of Ant Group are similar to the Alipay+ Trade Marks.
f.The Alipay+ Trade Marks shall not be used in a manner which in the view of Ant Group may damage the company's reputation or considered unsuitable by Ant Group. Non-exhaustive examples of such prohibitive uses include use in relation to contents or events relating to pornography, gambling, tobacco or alcoholic products (offered for sale to under-aged individuals), religion or racial attacks, or uses which contravene the law (e.g. infringement, misrepresentation, fraud, defamatory or libelous) or are contrary to public order and morality (e.g. unfair, derogatory).
g. You must not do anything, or cause or assist others to do anything that would infringe, invalidate, cancel or otherwise challenge or harm Ant Group's rights in the Alipay+ Trade Marks.

Termination and Non-compliance

You shall immediately cease use of all Alipay+ Trade Marks and delete all copies of the Alipay+ Trade Marks in your possession or control upon termination of your rights to use the Alipay+ Trade Marks, or if Ant Group unilaterally notifies you of cancellation of your rights to continue using the Alipay+ Trade Marks.

When notified of any non-compliance with these Guidelines, you shall take steps to remedy the same within a reasonable period specified by Ant Group.

You shall be solely liable for breach of laws or regulations or infringement arising from non-compliance with these Guidelines, and shall compensate Ant Group for any loss or damage caused to Ant Group due to your acts or omissions.

Updates and Changes

Ant Group may update these Guidelines from time to time. Any such changes along with the timetable to implement the changes will be conveyed to licensees through the APS Bulletin, by email or through publication on Ant Group's official websites. You should check for updates periodically, to obtain the latest version of these Guidelines and ensure that your use of the Alipay+ Trade Marks comply with Ant Group's latest specifications. Ant Group shall have the right to take appropriate actions against any unauthorized uses or any uses of the Alipay+ Trade Marks which do not comply with these Guidelines.