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Conduct sandbox acceptance testing

Step 1: Check the sandbox configurations

Before conducting sandbox acceptance testing, ensure that you have completed the following items:

  • Receive sandbox resources.
  • Configure the sandbox.
  • Perform free tests in the sandbox with development tools

This step helps you to ensure that the sandbox is configured correctly and stable enough for acceptance testing. For step-by-step instructions, see Develop in the sandbox.

Step 2: Perform testing with test cases

On the Sandbox > Acceptance Test page, follow these steps:

  1. Find the test case groups provided by Alipay+. These test groups are allocated to you automatically after you select the integration products while creating an application.


  1. Conditional: If there is a hint presenting "Upgrade needed", click Upgrade to view the upgrade details and upgrade the test case groups to the latest version.


  1. Click a test case group name to view all the test cases in the test group.
  2. On the test cases page, click View to read the instructions for each test case.


  1. To execute the test case, click Start. Follow the instructions to test and pass all required test cases in the sandbox. Note that it is required to upload a screenshot, a photo, or a video in some cases.


Note: Some test cases might require the use of Alipay+ Linker Wallet. Go to the Tools > Alipay+ Linker Wallet page to download. For more information, see Alipay+ Linker Wallet User Guide.

  1. Wait for the Alipay+ Solution Architect to check the test results and contact you for the next steps.