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Quick start

This chapter walks you and your developers through step-by-step details on how to start integrating Alipay+ payment products on the Alipay+. It also lists the resources provided by Alipay+, which might speed your integration up.


Before logging in and using the platform, ensure that all preparations are ready. Check if you have completed the following items:

  • Sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the Alipay+ Business Development.
  • Get an account for Alipay+ Developer Center from the Alipay+ Solution Architect.
  • Find integration guides on the Alipay+ Docs Center.
  • Make an integration plan with the Alipay+ Solution Architect.

For more information, see Prepare for integration.

Application creation

An application is a solution provided by Alipay+ to integrate its payment products. By creating an application, you can integrate more than one payment product at a time, test and debug all required APIs, and simulate end-to-end payments.

Note: The "application" here is not referred to as a local application, for example, mobile software.

Refer to Create an application for more details.

Sandbox development

Alipay+ Developer Center offers you a stable sandbox for development. After creating an application, you need to finish the sandbox configuration to prepare for acceptance testing.

Refer to Develop in the sandbox for more details.

Acceptance testing

For each payment product, Alipay+ designs a test suite that contains various test cases and offers them to developers. After all required test cases are executed and passed in the sandbox, your application gets ready for going live.

Refer to Conduct sandbox acceptance testing for more details.


Before taking your application live, you need to invite at least one Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP) to authorize the application.

Refer to Invite the ACQP for authorization for more details.

Going live

When you are ready to promote your application from the sandbox to the production environment, you can initiate the process to go live. Before that, ensure that your local codes are also launched.

Refer to Launch into production for more details.

Tools and resources

Alipay+ Developer Center provides a set of tools and resources so you can integrate in a more flexible and simpler way.


Use tools such as iTest, iMock, iNotify, and Alipay+ Linker Wallet to facilitate your integration. Learn how to use these tools so your application can go live with minimal effort.


Access resources such as Alipay+ ACQP SDKs and APIs to simplify your integration.