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Manage staff

This chapter introduces how to add staff, view staff performance, and assign Alipay test accounts to staff members.

Add staff members

You can add your staff in the following two ways:

  • If your staff has not installed DingTalk app, you need to log in to Alipay Global Merchant Portal and click Dashboard to enter the ISO platform. In the ISO platform, click Staff Management > Staff Details > Add Staff, and pay attention to the following when entering your staff's name and phone number:
    • Use the active phone number of your staff, as the staff uses their phone number to log in to the DingTalk app before starting the promotion.
    • Ensure that your staff receives DingTalk app signup message and installs DingTalk app.
    • Ensure that your staff selects Alipay Partner as identity in DingTalk app.



  • If your staff has installed DingTalk app, please ask your staff to scan the following QR code and enter the following information:
    • ISO Email: the email that the ISO used to log in to Alipay Global Merchant Portal.
    • Name: the staff's name.
    • Phone No.: the staff's active phone number.


After your staff completes the above information on the DingTalk app, you need to log in to the ISO platform to approve or reject their association request on the Staff Management > Review List page.


View staff performance

Go to the ISO platform, and click Staff Management > Promotion Data to view the working time of staff members, the promoted Alipay+ Marketing Code POSM, and active QR codes. The promoted Alipay+ Marketing Code POSM generates the POSM deployment fees, while the number of POSM scanned by new users generates marketing incentives.


Assign Alipay test accounts to staff members

If you need to provide a staff member with an Alipay account for payment verification, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Staff Management > Staff Details.
  2. Select the staff member to whom you want to assign the test account to.
  3. Click Add Alipay Test Account to assign an email account to the staff member.

The login and payment passwords are automatically filled in when selecting a test account. If you cannot find the email account, please reach out to the Alipay+ Partner team at for help.

After the test account is assigned successfully, the email account, login password, and payment password are displayed on the Spot Inspection > Payment Verification page within the staff member's DingTalk workspace.