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User-presented Mode Payment

User-presented Mode Payment, which is also known as consumer-presented mode payment, provides consumers with an excellent in-store payment experience. The consumer presents the payment code in the Mobile Payment Provider (MPP) app to the merchant and the merchant scans the payment code to initiate a payment.

With User-presented Mode Payment, the payment speed and efficiency are greatly improved because the merchant can lower the error rate in the payment process by specifying the payment amount and the merchant can get a clear payment result for each transaction. In addition, even in poor network conditions, the payment can still be completed successfully.

Basic concepts

Terms (Abbreviations)


Acquiring Service Provider (ACQP)

An Acquiring Partner participating in Alipay+ Core or other acquirer cooperating with a member of Ant Group to enable payments.


Alipay+ solution is a collaborative effort along with all partners to provide more open, digitalized, and inclusive financial services to worldwide consumers and merchants.

Mobile Payment Provider (MPP)

A Mobile Payment Partner participating in Alipay+ Core or other user- or issuer-facing payment service provider cooperating with a member of Ant Group to enable payments.

Payment code

Also known as business-scan-consumer (B-scan-C) code. QR codes or barcodes presented by consumers for merchants to scan with their reading devices to initiate payments.

User-presented Mode Payment

Payment scenario that the merchant scans the consumer presented code with a device to initiate the payment.

User experience

A consumer can present the payment code on the MPP app to the merchant for scanning. The user experience is illustrated below:

ACQ-UP-Auto Switch.png

Figure 1. User experience of User-presented Mode Payment

The consumer completes the payment by the following steps:

  1. The consumer opens the MPP app, and presents the Alipay+ payment code to the merchant.
  2. The merchant scans the payment code presented by the consumer.
  3. The MPP presents the payment result page.

More information

  • To arouse the user interest and enhance the user brand awareness, you need to well display the Alipay+ brand information. For more information, see Brand display guidelines for in-store payment in the Alipay+ Brand guideline.
  • To ensure a smooth and unified user experience, you also need to ensure outputs such as QR code are standard. For more information, see Standard output checklist.

Product functionalities

Alipay+ User-presented Mode Payment offers the following main features:

Make a payment: The ACQP can send a payment request to Alipay+ to make a payment and deduct funds from the consumer's wallet account.

How it works

The following figure illustrates the User-presented Mode Payment workflow:

how it works-b-scan-c.png

Figure 2. Alipay+ User-presented Mode Payment workflow

After the merchant places an order, complete the payment in the following steps:

  1. The user presents the payment code to the merchant.
  2. The merchant scans the payment code to send a payment request to the ACQP.
  3. The ACQP sends a payment request to Alipay+. The user confirms the payment.
  4. After that, Alipay+ returns the payment result to the ACQP. Meanwhile, the user can also view the payment result in the wallet app.
  5. The ACQP sends the payment result to the merchant.

Note: Unless otherwise required (such as regulation), the ACQP does not need to know the specific MPP. The ACQP can inform merchants that no change is needed for new MPPs.

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To get started with the Alipay+ integration, see Get started with Alipay+ integration.

For more information about how to integrate the User-presented Mode Payment functionalities, see Integration guide for User-presented Mode Payment.