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Quick start

This guide provides general steps for Acquiring Service Providers (ACQPs) to go through the whole integration process in Technical Service Provider (TSP) mode. Read this topic to get started with Alipay+ integration.


The integration process in TSP mode consists of the following phases (see Figure 1):

  • Phase 1: In this phase, TSPs can integrate Alipay+ payments products within 4 steps. See Step 1 ~ Step 4.
  • Phase 2: In this phase, TSPs can invite their merchants for integration testing with an application provided by Alipay+. This phase is optional but recommended. See Step 5.

Quick start

  1. 1

    [ACQP] Prepare for integration

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    1. 1. Apply for a TSP account

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      Before taking further actions for the integration, the ACQP needs to apply for an account for its TSP. Contact the Alipay+ Solution Architect (SA), provide related information, and acquire a TSP account. For more about therequired information, see TSP information checklist.

    2. 2. Read integration guides

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      Log in to the Alipay+ Docs Center and read the corresponding integration guides for the Alipay+ products. These guides help both ACQPs and their TSPs go through various Alipay+ products and understand integration workflows.

    3. 3. Plan for integration

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      After reading the integration guides, work with the Alipay+ SA to make an integration plan. The Alipay+ SA helps ACQPs figure out the integration scope, for example, which capabilities are required to be integrated and which are optional.

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    Develop and integrate

    6 steps

    Alipay+ provides the Alipay+ Developer Center and other tools to help facilitate application development and integration. In TSP mode, follow the instructions described in the Alipay+ Developer Center User Guide for TSPs to perform the self-integration process, which includes the main steps below.

    1. 1. [TSP] Log in

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      With the account that is provided by the ACQP, the TSP can go to the Alipay+ Developer Center and log in. Different TSP accounts may have different roles and permissions. For more information, see the Log in chapter in Alipay+ Developer Center User Guide for TSPs.

    2. 2. [TSP] Create an application

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      Create an application and specify the products to be integrated. Follow these steps:

      a. Complete application information

      b. Select products

      c. Check application information

    3. 3. [TSP] Develop in the sandbox

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      Simulate and test open APIs in the sandbox environment with provided test cases. This step helps ensure that the application can go live more smoothly. Follow these steps:

      a. Receive sandbox resources

      b. Configure the sandbox

      c. Test with development tools

    4. 4. [TSP] Conduct sandbox acceptance testing

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      After free tests in the sandbox, the TSP needs to pass all required test cases that are provided by Alipay+, which is called sandbox acceptance testing. Follow these steps:

      a. Check configurations in sandbox

      b. Perform testing with test cases

      Note: For test cases that require calling Alipay+ APIs, the TSP needs to specify the Agent-Token parameter in the request header.The value of this parameter can be obtained on the Sandbox Resources page of the Alipay+ Developer Center.

    5. 5. [TSP&ACQP] Authorize application

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      Afterall required test cases are passed, the TSP needs to invite the ACQP to authorize the application. Follow these steps:

      a. [TSP] Check role and permissions

      b. [TSP] Generate authorization URL

      c. [TSP] Send authorization URL to ACQP

      d. [ACQP] Authorize application

    6. 6. [TSP] Launch into production

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      Afterthe application is authorized, the TSP can launch the application into the production environment. Follow these steps:

      a. Configure for production environment

      b. Launch application

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    [TSP] Conduct production acceptance testing

    After the TSP launches the application, the Alipay+ SA checks whether all the required preconditions are met and contacts the TSP for production acceptance testing.

  4. 4

    [TSP] Start your business

    After your application is activated for business, let the ACQP notify Alipay+ so that we can monitor your system's behavior and check for any unpredictable errors that might affect your business.


    In addition, in TSP mode, an ACQP can cooperate with either one TSP or multiple TSPs for its integrations. For these two scenarios, Alipay+ provides two reconciliation modes respectively for the ACQP to perform clearing and settlement.


    For more information about reconciliation, see Reconcile.

  5. 5

    [ACQP] Invite merchants for integration testing

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    The Alipay+ Developer Center allows and recommends TSPs to invite one or multiple merchant(s) to further test the applications via Alipay+ Linker, a mobile application that is used to run test cases and simulate the process of making payments.


    For more information, see the following documents: